Year 9 Options Deadline

The Year 9 Options process is now underway and your son/daughter has been given the Option Booklet which details all of the courses they are able to choose from to study in Years 10 and 11. It is very important that you look at this booklet and discuss the courses available.

The GCSE curriculum at Tabor combines a core of compulsory subjects – English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science – in Option Table one French will be studied, in Table two you will choose to study either History or Geography and in Table three you will choose a further two courses.

It is important that your workload is manageable to allow you to continue to pursue other interests. Please remember if you have been selected to study Triple Science this will take up one of your option choices from table 3.

It is very important when «Forename» is making their choices that you encourage them to base their decision on:

  • What courses are available;
  • What they enjoy;
  • What they are good at;
  • What they may need for further study and careers.

In addition a number of subject areas are going to offer lunchtime ‘taster’ lessons to allow students who are considering taking the subject to find out more about the course and what it will involve.  These are as follows:

Sociology             Monday 4th March 2019                in 304

Business               Tuesday 12th March 2019              in 117

Photography      Thursday 14th March 2019            in 301

If you would like to arrange a further meeting to discuss the best options for your child please contact the main reception and a meeting will be arranged for you with a member of the senior leadership team. Alternatively if you have any questions regarding the process please contact the school and ask for either myself or Mr Pennington. Please note the final date for options choices to be submitted is Monday 25th March 2019.