Year 9 GCSE PE Presentation

Over the past few weeks the year nine GCSE/BTEC PE theory groups have been working very hard, to create an amazing sporting event. Different groups had different tasks either sports day, or in more extravagant circumstances, an Olympic style occasion.

The sporting event could be whatever we wanted; it made our imaginations run wild! In groups, we acted as if we were the Olympic Committee, organising our events to perfection.


Eventually, on Friday, 19th June, we presented our ideas in front of the other GCSE/BTEC PE students. It was a great way to reflect on all of the hard work we had put in. There was a massive variety of ideas from international tournaments to simple, but extremely effective, sports days. We also had cake weaved into it somehow!

Projects like these really help with our practical PE too. Working in groups helps enormously with team building. This strengthens our play and co-operation in team sports. Also, it was a fantastic way to discover new and
exciting activities that we could take up ourselves. The presentation was a great way to support our fellow friends and students which is crucial in sport.

Every single person in the hall had made themselves proud; there was not one piece of work that wasn’t outstanding. Sophie, Year 9 GCSE PE student.