Year 8 Report: Tabor 1-8 Ramsey

The year 8 boys played against Ramsey Academy on Friday 8th March. Despite having numerous players out injured and absent from school, the boys managed to get a team together for the game and illustrated excellent levels of effort and spirit throughout. The boys competed well in the first half with Harry B-H making some good saves, along with Harry S showing some strong clearances in defence and Tommy B showing neat footwork up front. Ramsey possessed some very skilful individuals and they took a 3-0 lead into half time. The deficit did not deflate the year 8s, and while the team did concede 5 more goals in the second half, there were some really positive performances. Harry B-H turned from goalkeeper to goal-scorer netting a goal with a well taken finish. Ewan O showed very good levels of awareness and passing in midfield throughout the game and there was tireless running from the likes of Jack M and Josh C. An 8-1 scoreline was harsh on the team, but they have one final game to still play where we are certain to see the positive attitude and commitment to representing their school in a really good way.

Team: Harry B-H, Reece B, Harry S, Will S, Josh C, Jack M, Ewan O, Ewan A, Joe M, Tommy B, Zidane G, Harrison J