Year 11 Theatre Trip

of_mice_and_menLast Wednesday, Year 11 students who are studying ‘Of Mice and Men’ were privileged to participate in watching a theatre production of the play at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. This provided an exciting, entertaining and enlightening experience for our students.

After arriving in Cambridge, we took lunch with a backdrop of the impressive King’s College. The students walked to the theatre through the town where they admired and were inspired by the architecture and all that Cambridge University has to offer. Many expressed a wish to return one day to study. It’s great to see Tabor students setting their sights as high as possible.

As the performance began, all students were engaged by the captivating, caring friendship that George and Lennie have and were eager to see how true to the text the production would be. Throughout the performance each character was distinctive and, as the play progressed, the students watched in eagerness as the plot developed and Curley’s wife portrayed a sympathetic view of the way women were treated during 1930’s America. When Candy appeared in the bunkhouse with his dog, the students’ sentimental approval was audible.

Ultimately, the production led to our students being educated to the harsh realities of life and how valuable friendships were to the migrant workers. The play concluded with a shocking shot in the dark, reminding the audience that the tragedy is that, despite all their suffering, life still goes on.

We hope that this wonderful trip has inspired students to look at their English literature exam text in a new light as they prepare for those crucial GCSE exams in May. Mrs Gillett, English Dept