We are proud to introduce Tabor Academy’s Head Boy and Girl and deputies for 2020-2021, Alistair and Lauren as our head boy and girl and Syd and Taonga as deputies. We caught up with the team to find out how Year 12 went for them, and what their plans are for the year ahead in their new position…

How was year 12 for you?

Alistair: For me year 12 was a very easy transition from year 11, coming to Tabor meant I could be taught by my GCSE teachers in smaller classes meaning I get a lot more  quality time with my teachers. Learning from home was difficult but we could easily keep in contact we teachers through google classroom on a daily basis.

Lauren: I was excited to study a levels that I had chosen and have new experiences. Learning at home was hard but we had support and reassurance from teachers.

Syd: I joined tabor sixth form a bit later than everyone else because I was at college doing another course elsewhere. I quickly then realised that it wasn’t for me. I came back here to where I knew and being around people that I enjoy. Year 12 was good for me, I enjoyed the year we had at school and when it came to lockdown, it was hard at first trying get all the work done but as I became more used to it, it wasn’t so bad.

Taonga: for me despite the lockdown year 12 was a very good year it was the first new chapter of my life and I was content and excited to learn these new subjects I chose. However, we had a curveball and have to adapt to the situation we were in because of the virus it wasn’t easy on anyone but knowing we had support from our teachers and reassurance about work when we returned to sixth from helped a lot as it was a stressful time

What advice would you give to our new year 12s?

Alistair: Starting a levels can seem like a big jump from GCSE but you can always ask for help from the year 13s.

Lauren: take this as another chance to better yourself and do better in exams, its like a fresh start

Syd: The advice I would give to the new year 12s is enjoy your time, sixth has its easy moments and also its hard moments, so you have just got to take it as it comes

Taonga: The advice I would give the new year 12s is not to be afraid to speak out and to choose subject that will help you and your future. Pick something you enjoy but that you are prepared to work hard at.

What are your plans post sixth form?

Alistair: After sixth form I aspire to be a long haul flight attendant and I believe my diverse choice in A levels will help me.

Lauren: After sixth form I plan to go to University to study sport

Syd: I am planning either going to university or doing an apprenticeship.

Taonga: I plan to go to university to study a joint honours degree in popular music and business

What is your favourite thing about being a sixth form student?

Alistair: My favourite thing about being a student at Tabor is the close bond we can build as a small sixth form, we also have more freedom than previous years.

Lauren: I love that is a small community here at tabor, your classmates and teachers know you well. Also there is more freedom and responsibility compared to being at school.

Syd: My favourite thing about being a sixth form student is that how close of friends everyone is. If you need to ask a question you can and because there isn’t a large group of people, everyone knows everyone.

Taonga: Being at Tabor Sixth Form I feel safe and comfortable especially within my classes I have trust with my classmates and teachers. My favourite thing about sixth form is the sixth form team, I feel I can confide and learn from the stuff that support us. “