Tabor Visits London – the cultural capital

After an early start to the day students and staff made their first stop as they embarked on a river cruise. The river Thames cruise took in many of London’s finest landmarks – The Houses of Parliament, The Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge. A fact that was shared was that The Millennium Bridge which has been blown up in three different films. Can you name them all?

The second stop of the day was a trip on The London Eye. Students were privileges to see some fantastic views across  the city. It may have been an overcast autumnal day but the arch of Wembley Stadium could be seen in the distance.

This was followed by a short coach journey before arriving at HMS Belfast. The students really enjoyed exploring the ship with special interest taken in the operating theatre, the turrets and shells.

We were really lucky with the weather, the heavy rain did not start until the journey home was well underway.

A great and exhausting day was had by all.