Welcome to Year 12

The sixth form has proved very popular with the majority of our students choosing stay at Tabor to gain the qualifications required to move to the next stage of their life.

Tabor sixth form students will require a smart dress code. This dress code will prepare you for the world of work and help to create a professional environment around the school. The dress code signifies a whole approach that you must adopt in the sixth form.

Successful outcomes at key stage 5 require a Tabor student to develop a range of skills. Perhaps most significant is the ability to become an independent learner. Whilst you will be supported and encouraged by sixth form staff, it will be vital that you can manage your time effectively and dedicate time throughout the week to research and develop a deep knowledge of the subjects you are studying. At Tabor you will have the use of independent study rooms as well as the library to enable you to develop these key skills.

Whether you have selected to study A Levels or a BTEC programme, you will challenged to become a better you. The skills you will learn whilst at sixth form will help you be fully prepared for the next stage in your life whether that is at University or in the work place.

In addition to the formal curriculum you will also follow a comprehensive PSCHE programme, attend weekly assemblies and have the opportunity to attend trips and visits that will enhance your learning and give you information on the opportunities available to you once you leave the sixth form.

As the head of sixth form I can guarantee an open door policy to both students and parents and I am deeply committed to making the sixth from at Tabor a truly outstanding experience.

Ms K Brown
Head of Sixth Form

12T Mr Halsted
12B Mrs Ford