Welcome to Year 11

I am incredibly excited about taking on the role of ATL for year 11. Over the last two years I have got to know the co-hort extremely well and I am very aware of the academic, creative and sporting talent we have within the year group. As Achievement Leader my overarching focus is to support and guide them on their journey to outstanding results and opportunities. Having witnessed the excellent progression that the cohort have made since Year 10, I expect students to continue to approach their studies with maturity, high aspirations and commitment.

The behaviour, achievement and progress of the year group are closely monitored and reinforced by myself (Achievement Team Leader for Year 11), Mrs Burns (Year Care Team Leader) and a dedicated tutor team. Form groups will change at times throughout the year, this will allow additional time for English and Maths interventions where they are needed. This forms part of our intervention programme to ensure pupils have the best possible opportunity to succeed in these crucial examinations.

After school and during the school holidays, students will be required to attend revision classes leading up to their GCSE examinations. We will continue to push our students to make outstanding progress and urge our Year 11 students to aim high in order to achieve their full potential. The year group have been on a long journey during their time at Tabor which I have had the pleasure of sharing with them, I am delighted to be guiding the cohort through their final year at Tabor. Thank you in anticipation of your continued support and I look forward to an extremely successful year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the school.

Mr Raby

Achievement Team Leader – Year 11