Welcome to the Tabor GCSE Art & Photography Exhibition.  Since the beginning of Year 10, our students in these subjects have tried so hard to make work which shows their skill, imagination and creativity.

We would usually celebrate this, by curating and presenting an exhibition at Tabor, showing the outcomes of each Art & Photography student, including everything from their sketchbooks right up to their final examination pieces.

However, as an exhibition such as this was not possible this year, we have instead gathered together examples of their work to share with you here.  We have tried to give each student equal exposure, but in some cases, due to current circumstances, not everything was available to include.

We understand how disappointed our students were about not being able to take their course through to the expected conclusion, but hope you will appreciate this opportunity to see some of their work to discover just how talented our students are.

Can we also thank the friends and families of our students, who have provided help and support in so many ways to make some of the pieces here possible?


We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Thank you,

Tabor Academy Art & Photography Department