I am delighted to welcome you to the Tabor Academy website.

As part of the Loxford School Trust we are able to work within a hub of schools, led by Loxford School, an Outstanding school, thus ensuring that our staff are able to deliver the highest educational standards.

This enables us to stay ahead of an ever evolving education system and a constantly changing society.  The Trust strongly believes in developing students, so that they are able to achieve their potential both academically and as members of our community.

We work on the traditional values of respect, discipline and responsibility to prepare our students for the challenges of examinations, social interactions and the world of work. We want all of our students to find their passion and have the tools to pursue their dreams.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to lead Tabor Academy over the coming years and look forward to working with you to ensure we achieve the very best for all of our young people.

Our vision is simple, “that no child is left behind”.

Students are at the centre of everything we do and we aim to give all the necessary foundations for success by helping students develop the skills and attributes that will provide them with real life-chances. Students are expected to work hard and to achieve their individual best academically, to develop skills relevant to the 21st Century and to develop the self-confidence and sense of purpose necessary for success in a highly competitive global society.

Tabor Academy will provide a safe, yet challenging environment where students can succeed and excel.

We will develop a strong pastoral system and curriculum to allow us to ensure that our students are happy, safe and challenged in all they do at school.

Tabor Academy is an inclusive school and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a family. We will work closely with our parents and our community in order to achieve the best for all in our school.

We aim to:

  • Achieve exam success for all – we want our pupils to have as many choices as possible, with a strong foundation of GCSEs.
  • Ensure that every child leaves our school knowing themselves as an individual, as a member of a team and as a citizen.
  • Create a culture of learning for life.
  • Provide the skills needed for self-management, resilience and self-worth.
  • Give opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom to enrich our pupils.

We believe that every student has the potential to achieve greatness and will work with every student to ensure that they get there. Our school is committed to the success of each of our pupils.


Home School Agreement

Tabor Academy intends to make sure that all students achieve their best. It demands high standards of work and behaviour from students.
Teachers do their best to make sure that every student achieves.

We seek to provide learning experiences which challenge students, build self esteem and confidence and so enable them to take up their responsibilities as adults, members of the community and at work.

Responsibilities of Parents

  • My child will attend school, regularly, on time, properly equipped and not go on holiday in term time
  • I will tell the school the reason every time my child is absent
  • I will support my child in good behaviour and support the school code of conduct
  • I will support my child in doing homework and learning at home
  • I will tell the school about any changes at home which may affect my child’s school life
  • I will make the school aware of any changes my child’s address or my personal contact details
  • I will do my best to attend Parents’ Evenings and information meetings
  • If I am unhappy about any events at school, I will tell my child’s Achievement Team Leader or Year Care Team Person

Responsibilities of Tabor Academy

  • The school will reward students who work
  • The school will inform parents about low standards of attendance, lateness, uniform, equipment, schoolwork and homework
  • The school will set homework regularly
  • The school will make clear to students and parents the standards expected for good work and behaviour and what will happen if these standards are not kept
  • The school will invite parents to Parents’ Evenings to discuss progress and achievement
  • The school will provide written reports on progress, achievement and standards
  • The school will deal seriously and sensitively with parents’ concerns
  • The school will work with parents in dealing with any problems that develop about attendance, lateness, uniform, behaviour, homework, achievement and bullying
  • Examinations – Re-sits of examinations are at the discretion of the school


Our website should answer many of your queries but we always welcome visitors to our school.

Mrs. Sarah  Speller