Jack Petchey Award Ceremony

On Tuesday 21st January the 2019 Jack Petchey Winners from Tabor Academy went to Braintree Arts Theatre accompanied Mr Bowman and Miss Baker. Many other schools and organisations from across Braintree District, alongside the Chairman of Braintree Council also attended the celebration. The Jack Petchey Award is an accredited accolade, awarded to only the most remarkable students for their outstanding dedication to school achievement, charity work, or for being an excellent role model to other students. Our 2019 student award winners were Megan, Paige, Mary, James and Sarah-Jane.

During the evening there were 2 performances from schools, and the Chairman of Braintree Council Angela Kilmartin presented the medallions to our students. At the end of the ceremony, the Jack Petchey presenter said all of our children were a true inspiration, and that their achievements were some of the best they had seen!

The evening celebrations proved that we have some very remarkable young people in our midst and we should be immensely proud of them.

Miss Baker, Jack Petchey Co-Ordinator