Happy Shrove Tuesday to you all

Thank you so much to those who supported the pancake race today, either by the gift of a frying pan, nominating your biggest ‘flippers’, and coming out to support the event.

The atmosphere was brilliant and the students were good sports.

In the final we saw Freddie, who graciously flipped his pancake in the opposite direction to give the younger finalists a chance.

Kathleen (Y8) soon took the lead and was battering the competition of Sean (Y9) and Megan (Y7).  She was first to the far end of the tennis courts having witnessed Sean lose his pancake to the wind.


The return leg brought some action with Kathleen’s pancake flying away and Sean taking advantage of this by flying past.  At this point the official adjudicator spotted Sean’s pancake being firmly secured by his thumb!


Sean finished the sprint with a celebratory flip of the batter with Megan coming in behind followed by a windswept Kath minus her chefs hat and pancake!


Due to Sean’s misinterpretation of the rules Megan was declared the 2020 winner!


Megan was presented with a bottle of ready to go pancake mix and a voucher for Shake Express (a very popular milkshake shop) in Braintree.