Essex Book Awards


On Tuesday March 13th Essex Outdoors Danbury hosted the 12th Essex Book Awards (EBA) arranged by Essex Education Services. The Essex Book Awards aims to improve literacy among pupils at Key Stage 3, facilitating debate and discussion between pupils and encouraging reading for pleasure. There were five nominated authors who attended this year.

‘All the Things that could go Wrong’ by Stewart Foster was voted as the winning book this year. Students from Tabor and over 20 secondary schools across Essex sent into individual book reviews to the EBA blog. Where authors could engage with students and contribute to their discussions.

Quote from Amber, “I enjoyed the Q and A’s, because I want to be an author when I’m older and it gave me advice on what to write. I also liked the part where the authors spoke about their books”.

I would like to thank Rebecca, Amber, Skye, Imogen, Aimee and Yinka on their impeccable behaviour, it was a pleasure to be with them and they were wonderful ambassadors for Tabor Academy. We all had a really enjoyable morning and look forward to next year’s Essex Book Awards.

Mrs Barrow