Essex book awards

On Tuesday 19th March 2019 Mrs Barrow Tabor Academy’s Librarian, Ms Culham and Mr Wiles, who drove the minibus, took us to Brentwood County High school to celebrate the 13th Essex Book Awards. This year there were three nominated authors attending and more than twenty four schools were involved, more than ever before. The event is run by the Essex Education Services and most of us read the six short-listed books. Once students had read the books they could blog their views about the books for the author to see and make comments. Each author selected two reviews and awarded students with certificates.

‘The Extinction Trials’ by S.M Wilson won Essex Book Award of the year 2019. This book is part of a trilogy so there are more books to read!! 2nd place went to ‘Charlie and me 421 Miles from home’ by Mark Lowery, 3rd place was ‘Flying Tips for Flightless Birds’ by Kelly McCaughrain, 4th place ‘The Secret Deep’ by Lindsay Galvin, 5th place was ‘A Darkness of Dragon’ by S.A Patrick and 6th place was ‘Mud’ by Emily Thomas.

Tiegan, Megan, Ben, Thomas, Rebecca, Bethany, Hannah, Imogen and Sophie attended and were congratulated on their impeccable behaviour. They were wonderful ambassadors for Tabor Academy. They all had a really enjoyable morning and they came back with signed books and bookmarks. Students are looking forward to next year’s Essex Book Award event.

Mrs Barrow – Librarian