Essex Book Awards 2016

On Wednesday 16th March Mr Wiles, the school’s Estates Manager, and I took a group of Tabor Academy students to Moulsham High School, Chelmsford to celebrate the 10th Essex Book Awards. This year there were four nominated authors attending and seventeen schools, more than we’ve ever had before. The event is run by the Essex Education Services and most of us read the short-listed books on the school Kindles.

  • “I had a fantastic time at the Essex Book Awards and it was great that more people were involved this year. I was very surprised and excited to win the Book Review prize for Fire Colour One especially as I found out that the book awards1author, Jenny Valentine, had chosen my review herself!” Nicole
  • “I really enjoyed my morning as the atmosphere was excellent. Everyone there loved to read and that’s what made it special. Some schools submitted their own video clips about the books and these were played in a quiet room joined to the library. I thought they were very good.” Sophie
  • “This year there were several new awards for pupils to aim for and one of them was for the most engaged student from each school. Mrs Aves had nominated me
    because I had read all of the books and encouraged other students not in the Awards group to read them too! I received a certificate and a voucher. Also, part of one of my book reviews was projected on the screen behind the authors.” Zoe
  • “After the awards and certificates were given out we went to the library for drinks and cakes. The authors were seated at tables and Charlotte and I bought The Crowham Martyrs and the author, Jane McLoughlin, signed them for us.” Hollie and Charlotte
  • “Ali Sparkes was very funny when she gave her speech and I was really pleased when she was presented as the winner of the Essex Book Awards for her novel Car-Jacked, especially as some of us had voted for her.” Alistair

I would like to thank Nicole, Sophie, Zoe, Charlotte, Hollie, Alistair, Cameron, Abigail and Mahnoor for their impeccable behaviour, it was a pleasure to be with them and they were wonderful ambassadors for Tabor Academy. We all had a really enjoyable morning and look forward to next year’s Essex Book Award.

Mrs Aves,
Library Manager