Aspirational Careers Event

careers_event1On Wednesday 9th March, 100 pupils from years 7, 8 and 9 had the opportunity to take part in our inaugural Key Stage 3 Careers Fair. Students were able to meet representatives from a variety of Further and Higher Education institutes and from Industries linked to Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. They were able to get an early idea of some potential career paths and seek invaluable advice from the University of Essex, Colchester Institute, Essex County Council and Tabor Academy 6th Form. They were seen chatting to pilots, electrical and chemical engineers, constructions designers and managers, biochemists and business analysts. Apprenticeships and University courses were also discussed, with many students unaware of all the different subjects available for study and all the different combinations of study once they have left Tabor.

Students received lots of literature and goodies to take away and had lots to talk about with their parents at home. For our Year 9 students, they received invaluable advice in preparation for their upcoming Options Meetings and, for Year 7 and 8 pupils, they were able to get an early idea of the levels and grades needed to reach their potential goals, as well as insider tips on how to make themselves stand out from the crowd with extra-curricular opportunities and ideas about work experience.

All of our visiting ambassadors commented on how mature and engaging our students were and they were all impressed by the insightful and thought-provoking questions posed to them. Tabor students certainly used the occasion to their advantage and many came away with ideas and plans mapped out for the next few years. They were able to discuss and share ideas with each other and their Achievement Team Leaders. We were extremely proud of how the students represented themselves and how aspirational they all are, now they have had experienced that first stepping stone towards their futures.

Tabor Academy is already planning a larger scale event in the next academic year, and we look forward to welcoming an even wider variety of careers and opportunities in the future.

The Key Stage 3 Achievement Team