Year 7 visit to Bocking Church.

To complement their topic on Churches, a small group of students visited St Peter’s Church in Bocking

We were met at the Church by Father Tim Barnes who very kindly gave us a guided tour of the building, pointing out all the interesting features, from the stone font near the entrance to the stories depicted in the large stained glass window over the altar. The students then had the opportunity of asking Father Tim a number of their own questions, such as ‘Have you always been a Vicar’ and ‘What do you do on your days off!’ The students were really engaged and appreciated Father Tim’s honest and interesting answers. The hour spent there flew by and we all came away having learned something new. One of the students even said that the visit had been the highlight of his week!

The student’s behaviour was exemplary throughout the visit and Father Tim was impressed with their direct and diverse questions. It is hoped that the visit will be followed up with a project for the students to design their own ‘stained glass’ window for the church.

Kevin Mather
Teacher of RE