Wicked was ‘Wicked’

wickedOn Wednesday, 18th May over 200 Tabor Academy KS3 students were fortunate enough to experience a fabulous day out in London to see the West End show ‘Wicked’. Despite travel delays, due to the State Opening of Parliament that day, all of the excited staff and students managed to arrive in time for the matinee performance. We would like to share below some of the students’ accounts of the day:

“Wicked was wicked and is wicked! The prequel of the Wizard of Oz, this stunning musical sets you before the ‘wicked’ Witch of the West is killed. Elphaba (the green horror) and Garlinda (the popular, normal girl), two people with huge differences, begin school together and an unlikely friendship turns into a huge bond of love.

Meanwhile the Wizard of Oz is planning something for the animals of Oz, only we would soon know that Elphaba disagrees with this and sets out to prevent it.

Hectic, amazement and astonishment is some of the ways people described Wicked. With the twist on the tale, Wicked changes things forever and leaves you stuttering your words.”

“Wicked is a live production that is based on the well-known story The Wizard of Oz. This production follows the story of the Wicked Witch of the West who is seen as the villain in the original story. The talented actors who put on this unique performance show another wise to the original story and make us change our perspective on some of the characters we know from the original tale, as well as showing how some of the other characters came to be. The props that were used were spectacular and I feel they made the experience feel as realistic as possible. The actors were more than I expected as I saw the passion they put into their work which made this trip as enjoyable as possible.”

The Wicked play was a spectacular performance by a wonderful, entertaining cast. The play is about what happened before the Wizard of Oz and how the Fairy Princess, Garlinder, met and became friends with the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba.

Elphaba is not your average type of typical girl, when she was born green it caused her twin sister to be a in wheelchair for the rest of her life. Over time Elphaba finds out she has magical powers that could change her sister’s life forever but she has to be careful what she wishes for!

The choreography was brilliant and all the dancing was well rehearsed to perfection. In the cast there are some wonderful singers, with great voices, which they used to put on a show for the audience. It ended with a tremendous applause from everyone. The heart-warming, sad and thrilling show is not one to miss so be sure to go and watch it soon.”

“The main plot of the play is around a girl called Elphaba. She isn’t your average kind of girl, she for one is green, sometimes mean and definitely a drama queen. Oh and she also has some kind of extremely powerful magic. Her best friend, Glenda; or Gar-Lenda, started out as her enemy at University but shortly became friends after talking out their differences. When Elphaba was offered to see The Wizard she was excited and, of course, she brought Glenda along as well. That is when everything turned upside down.

Overall the plot is extremely well thought of and unique. With all the twists and turns there is no way to expect what is going to happen next. It is a mixture of sad, exciting, happy, confusing, weird and definitely a truly magical performance. If you haven’t seen it, you are without doubt in for a treat.”