When the guns fell silent

On Friday 9th November Tabor Students led a poignant and reflective gathering for The 8th Tabor Academy Festival of Remembrance. This year’s service was  themed as “When the guns fell silent” to mark The 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice to end The Great War. Students again invited The Lord Lieutenant of Essex Mrs Jennifer Tolhurst  representing Her Majesty The Queen  ,members of the local community, Local Government officials, serving Armed and domestic forces, The Royal British Legion from Haig House in London and Essex County Officers and veterans from all conflicts, along with the family of Lance Corporal Scott Hardy of The Royal Anglian Regiment 1 Viking who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010,in who’s memory the service has evolved to what it is today.

The event commenced with the welcoming of guests over refreshments, whilst guests and students chatted informally about the importance of remembrance Calder said” What an honour it has been to speak to so many veterans and heroes, and how much it means to them for us to remember” Sixth form students served refreshments to all of the guests.

The event began with Mrs Tolhurst taking he seat with Mrs Sarah Speller and The Chairman of Loxford School Trust Mr Peter Ballard and the rest of our guests. After a short prayer and welcome from Mrs Speller, a poem written by  The march of the standards was played as at The Royal Albert Hall service with the union standard, 18 Essex county standards, along with the Tabor Standard parading in. The armed and domestic services were then introduced as heroes of the present, a very moving moment was when an ex student ,Lance Corporal Chris Baker of The Royal Engineers who lost the use of his legs in the Iraq conflict was introduced as a hero of the past  ,present, and future as after ground breaking surgery ,walked on his own legs into the service to a standing ovation after entering in previous years in a wheelchair.

Musical , drama and poetry performance were conducted with many guests and students showing great emotion of what they were witnessing, such a powerful and moving statement to who have lost their lives to give us our freedom. Mrs Speller said” we are so proud of our students and the enormous efforts they have gone through to make this Remembrance  our most moving yet” The service was opened with a poem written by Louis .The act of remembrance was carried out with cannon fire and the last post being played by a member of staff, concluding with a poppy drop. The Lord Lieutenant of Essex made a short speech and Mrs Speller then closed the event with the poem” poppies” The guests were then lead from the hall for tea by a piper playing a very famous tune “The Battle is over” Over 1000 people reflected and remembered those that had given their lives for our freedom.


Students that took part were:

Yr 10 Drama Performance

Yordan, Reece, Owen, leoni, Sara, Phoebe, Clarize, Rachel, Phoebe J, Chloe, Joe, Isabella, Kayleigh-Anne, Tom


Reading of ‘For the Fallen’

Yr7 Louis, Yr8 Caitlin, Yr9 Calder, Yr10 Sam, Yr11 Leah, Yr12 Chloe, Yr13 Vici


Reading of ‘In Flanders Fields’

Yr7 Grace, Yr12 Paige, Yr 12 Collett



Rebecca, Hollie Saunders, Aimee, Thomas, Grace, Mia, Lily-May, Harriot, Karolina , Liani, Martyna , Poppy , Lacey

Sasha Jo,  Millicent, Daisy, Jasmine,  Yazmyn ,  Lily, Amber, Chloe ,  Skye ,  Jess ,  Gabriella , Jessica,  Rachel,  Isabelle, Phoebe, Issabella ,  Aaron,  Isabella, Kaitlyn , Amber,  Ellie,  Kirsty

Piano – Olivia Fowler


Year 11:

Mary, Scarlett, Karolina, Taonga, Zoe, Tamica


Year 10:

Rachel, Isabelle, Phoebe, Lacey


Year 9:

Jasmine, Yazmyn, Chloe, Aimee, Kirsty, Ellie C, Gabriella, Poppy, Aaron, Amber, Issabella , Jessica, Daisy, Grace


Year 8:

Jess, Rebecca, Thomas, Adele


Year 7:

Sasha Jo, Minnie, Amber, Lily, Hollie, Kaitlyn, Liani, Martyna, Mia, Lily-May, Isabella, Harriot, Millicent, Skye