TANGO @ Tabor

During the Autumn term Year 8 students from Tabor Academy, Notley High School and Alec Hunter Academy were invited to take part in Science, English and Technology masterclasses as part of the three schools’ TANGO initiative.
In the Science Department students were invited to participate in ‘A Birthday Cake Mix-Up’ where they enjoyed the experiments and learned how to test substances for sugar. All the students really enjoyed this workshop and comments ranged from “It was fun to use the Bunsen burners!”, “I did enjoy it because we got to learn new things”, “…the experiments were fun” to “I did enjoy it because it was something I had never done before”.

tango1The budding chefs in the Food Technology Department were concentrating on the importance of not wasting food and their masterclass ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ certainly gave them all ‘food for thought’ as they spent a very productive day making winter warming soups and breads from ingredients which may otherwise have gone to waste.

tango2Also in Technology, students were engaged in the world of electronics by making their very own electronic dice.
They had a fantastic time soldering and piecing together the components for the dice, which they then were able to take home with them.

tango3The fascinating world of words was not overlooked either as the English Department organised a creative writing workshop. The students were encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and were supported by the teaching staff who helped them learn new techniques and to develop their writing skills. Here are some comments from the students who took part: “I did enjoy it because I love writing stories.” “I learnt more techniques.” “It was fun and thought provoking, as well as engaging.” “It was so much fun to write a new story with the new techniques.” “I really enjoyed it because it has really helped me.” We all look forward to hosting more TANGO events in the new year. Mrs Russell, TANGO Co-ordinator