Tabor @ the Jack Petchey Awards

jack_petchey1Singing, cheering, shouting and generally making encouraging noises were compulsory at the fantastic Jack Petchey Awards ceremony at Braintree Arts Theatre during the evening of Tuesday 17th January. Mrs Robinson, Mr Jakens, Mrs Barrow, Mrs Aves and the students’ parents and relatives watched as Cllr Frankie Ricci, Chairman of Braintree Council, presented medallions to students and adults from 11 senior schools and colleges in our area.

Our wonderful student achievers were Ella, Charlie, Jessica, Olivia, Cameron, Leanne, Molly and Cameron. Some of the reasons for their awards were charity work, volunteering, being the best in their chosen field, representing our school, excellence in their attitude to learning and being role models to other students. Charlie was even singled out by the Award organisers because of his dedication to volunteering and his excellence in ten-pin bowling.

Mr Wiles was only one of five adults who received the Jack Petchey Leadership Award that night. He was nominated for his dedication to the school but most of all because of his passion for organising our Remembrance Service which gets better every year.

There was an outstanding performance during the presentations from our very own pianist Nicole, who had everyone enthralled with her professional ability.

The evening celebrations proved that we have some very remarkable young people in our midst and we should be immensely proud of them. Mrs Aves and Mrs Barrow, Library Co-ordinators