Within the month of November our students took part in the following activities:- 


  • Yr 7 Welcome Evening where parents were able to discuss how their child was settling into Tabor school. A very positive evening attended by many parents.
  • Our annual Remembrance Day Assembly was the best ever organised by Mr Wiles. We had many important service men and women attend our Remembrance Event. Many of our students were involved, from speeches to drama and music performances to remember such an important day. This was followed by our Remembrance Sunday event at Braintree Public Gardens where again our students, Head Teacher and Mr Wiles were present.
  • All Yr 7 students attended a special assembly where they were visited and spoken to by an Author.

We visited the following places:

  • The PE department took 55 students to participate in the North West Essex Schools Annual District Cross Country at the Great Notley Discovery Centre. Our students performed exceptionally well and we certainly proud of their efforts throughout the day.
  • Our Yr. 12 an 13 students visited Abbotts Hall Farm led by Mrs Ford for their A level fieldwork. All the students gained a valuable experience towards their A level course.
  • A large number of our Yr 8 and 9 students went to Cineworld in Haverhill which was organised as a rewards trip due to their good attitude to learning. They thoroughly enjoyed the morning out with a number of our staff.
  • 42 language students went to visit Cologne as a residential trip. They experienced the annual Christmas market and all students conducted themselves really well across the 3 days.


Within the month of October our students took part in the following activities:- 


  • Coffee Mornings throughout the week so that a number of our parents came to visits the school and had an opportunity to tour the school and see the many varied and exciting lessons. This followed on from the very successful Open Evening Event at the school in September.
  • Many parents attended the Published book celebration held afterschool which was led by Mrs Mevo.
  • A number of students and parents attended our Yr 12 Welcome Evening

We visited the following places:-

  • 10 yr 11 students went to Woodford Green to play in the Netball Essex cup and with great determination and drive the girls pulled of an amazing win.
  • Our yr 11 Rugby boys went to Burnt Mill School to play in the County cup.
  • 44 students went to Bletchley Park organised by the ICT department. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the trip out. Computer Science students. This is a wonderful event for all students involved.
  • Five year 13 pupils spent the day on the Salt Marshes at a site managed by Essex Wildlife Trust.  This area is a part of the Essex coast where the coastal management is now one of “managed realignment”.  The pupils were gathering data which they will be using for their NEA (non-examined assessment).
  • 25 Yr 11 and 6th form students went to Iceland during the half term organised by Ms Ford. All the students enjoyed the many sites that they got to see.
  • Holocaust trip was filled out within 3 days of letters being send out. 44 students attending this wonderful trip organised by Mr Mather.

Update on fixtures:



Year 11 (Monday 8th October)

District Rugby Tournament at Braintree Rugby Club

Tabor – Champions (unbeaten)

Year 8 (Thursday 11th October)

District Rugby Tournament at Braintree Rugby Club

Tabor – Runners up (2nd)



Year 9 Essex County Cup (Tue 6th Nov)

Sandon 1 v Tabor 1 FT

Sandon 3 v Tabor 1 ET

Rugby (Tue 13th Nov)

Year 7/8 Friendly

Tabor 25 v Hedingham 25


Within the month of September our students took part in the following activities:-

  • Kittles Photography Company came into school. Photographs were taken of our Yr 7, 10, and 12 students. All of our new year 7 had the opportunity to have their first school photograph taken in their lovely new secondary uniforms.
  • All year 7 students attended a fire safety assembly. Pupils were given an insight on all aspects of fire safety – the dangers, the hazards and prevention. The outside speaker from the Fire Service in Essex was very engaging and in return our pupils were extremely focused throughout.

We visited the following places:-

  • Yr 11 students were taken on their annual visit to the Essex Careers Fair. All students had the opportunity to gain further insight into their possible future career paths. This is an exciting time for all of them and they certainly seemed much focused on this very important year. All year 11 students will continue to have further careers guidance throughout their time at Tabor Academy.
  • There was an exciting end to the September month. Our school was open to all year 6 parents. We were overwhelmed with over 600 parents attending the Open Evening Event which ran from 4.00pm to 7.00pm. Pupils at the school helped with tours around Tabor academy, showing the parents to all the departments. There were displays and fun activities for everyone to enjoy in all of the subjects.


Within the month of July our students took part in the following activities:-

  • We held a Year 6 Induction Evening for both parents and students, where parents were able to find out more about Tabor Academy. Many excited parents and future Year 7’s attended the evening.

We visited the following places:-

  • Yr 12 and 13 students went on a day visit to Anglian Ruskin University. All of our 6th form students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing a University – for most, for the very first time. The students had a day filled with exciting sessions and the day was also about getting to feel and see what a typical day at University can be like. It certainly motivated our students and aspired them further.
  • The Prom, this year, was held for the very first time at Chelmsford Racecourse at Great Leigh’s. It was a very special evening, a very special event and a wonderful location. All the students arrived in their Prom outfits and the arrivals were truly spectacular. What an amazing way to start the evening. Then came the photographs and each and every student wanted to show off their best prom dresses and suits. After that came the three course meal and this was all served to their tables. The night finished with all of our students dancing. All students were picked up at the end of the night and taken back to Tabor Academy – although for most the night had not ended but just had started!
  • Many of our students from years 7-10 went on a rewards trip to Thorpe Park and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. For these students the rewards trip was for their hard work in and out of lessons. It was a sunny day and our students arrived at Thorpe Park on time. Once off the coaches they were ready to enjoy the many adventurous rides and attractions. All students attending the trip loved the day out. It was a special day for all.