Within the month of June our students took part in the following activities:-


Respect Project Awards Ceremony – Students who completed the Respect Project had their presentation at Braintree Town Hall on 20th June. Vanessa Santomauro – Chairman of Braintree District Council, Julien Courtauld and representatives from Greenfield Housing Association and Essex County Council were among the dignitaries who also attended the event. Friends, relatives and teaching staff watched a empowering video of the students journey over the past few weeks, and celebrated in their success as they spoke about their experience and received their certificates.

Road Safety Presentations – Students were given a presentation about road safety.  A representative from SaferEssex showed the students slides and clips covering the dangers of different modes of travel.  Safety tips were given for travelling on a bus, walking, cycling, as well as being a passenger in a car. Students were shocked by the interesting statistics surrounding road safety and the students asked some very pertinent questions. Students realised how dangerous it is to be texting or looking at their phone while walking.

Internal Assessments – Year 10 and Year12 students took part in their internal assessments for their A Level and GCSE subjects. They prepared well and tried their best on all assessments.

GCSE and A-Level Art and Photography Exhibition 2019 – On Wednesday 26th June 2019 we held our annual GCSE Art and Photography exhibition, this year with the addition of the work of our wonderful A-Level students.

With a magnificent array of course and exam work, we welcomed visitors to the Art department to view drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, mixed media, 3D and photography work on a range of themes, including ‘Food’, ‘The Human Figure’, ‘Portraits’ and ‘Mixed Media’.

Prom Dinner Tabor Sixthform – Students from yr 12 and yr13 dined at Notley Golf Club and then danced the night away with staff. The event was to celebrate the end of their studies and exams.

Year 11 Prom – year 11 visited Chelmsford RaceCourse in style. Arrivals were made in a range of vehicles from strecth limos, fire engines and beach buggies. Stduents looked amazing and dined to a three course meal before dancing the night away. The event marked the end of their examinations.

Year 6 Induction Days – over 160 year 6 students came to school and took part in two funfilled days. After a day of creating their own countries and a mini-sports day students went home confident and looking forward to starting Tabor Academy in September. Many students went home having received awards and all were given a Tabor Academy keyring.

We visited the following places:-

Walton in the Naze – On 21 June, 65 year 10s and 4 year 12s went on a geography field trip to Walton on the Naze.  Fieldwork is an essential part of the GCSE and A level curriculum, and the students were able to try out a range of fieldwork techniques. Students were able to investigate the ebb and flow of the wave pattern and see the power of the sea and its momentum. They were also able to see first-hand the impact of long shore drift and erosion of our coast line. There were also examples of manmade preventative measures in place to see and consider the impact of. Luckily the  sun shone, and we all had an enjoyable and productive day.

The following fixtures have been played:-

NWESSA District Athletics Championships –Tabor held the annual secondary school district athletics competition on Tuesday 18th June. Tabor were joined by Alec Hunter, Forest Hall, Hedingham, Honywood, HRS, Joyce Frankland, Maltings, New Rickstones, Notley, Ramsey and Saffron Walden for the event, and everyone was treated to some outstanding performances on the track and field from competitors linked to all of the schools. Tabor have been able to compete remarkably well in the past few years against schools with a larger batch of students to select from and this year’s competition was no different as we saw Tabor make the podium places in six of the nine possible categories.

There were standout performances from Lewis C in year 9 who became the district champion in the junior boys 300 metres and broke the school record with a time of 40.81 seconds. He was joined as district champion by Elisha E in year 10, who was victorious in the intermediate girls 200 metres, narrowly missing the school record with a superb time of 26.75 seconds. Jack P in year 8 was also able to break a school record in the triple jump with a brilliant distance of 10.03 metres. The Tabor District squad consisted of close to 100 students from the school, which led to a third place finish overall finishing just behind Saffron Walden and Maltings. The standings for various categories are shown below:

  • Year 7 Boys: 5th out of 12
  • Year 7 Girls: 8th out of 12
  • Year 8 and 9 Boys: 1st out of 12!!!!
  • Year 8 and 9 Girls: 3rd out of 12
  • Year 10 and 11 Boys: 2nd out of 12
  • Year 10 and 11 Girls: 2nd out of 12


Boys Overall

1st- Saffron Walden (537); 2nd- Tabor (521); 3rd- Alec Hunter (511); 4th- Maltings (487); 5th- Hedingham (467); 6th- Notley (414); 7th- Honywood (407); 8th- New Rickstones (373); 9th- Joyce Frankland (171); 10th- HRS (162); 11th- Ramsey (156); 12th- Forest Hall (115)


Girls Overall

1st- Saffron Walden (503); 2nd- Maltings (475); 3rd- Hedingham (458); 4th- Notley (455); 5th- Alec Hunter (448); 6th- Tabor (439); 7th- Honywood (373); 8th- New Rickstones (307); 9th- Joyce Frankland (260); 10th- HRS (207); 11th- Ramsey (190); 12th- Forest Hall (73)


Overall Standings:

1st- Saffron Walden (1040); 2nd- Maltings (962); 3rd- Tabor (960); 4th- Alec Hunter (959); 5th- Hedingham (925); 6th- Notley (869); 7th- Honywood (780); 8th- New Rickstones (680); 9th- Joyce Frankland (431); 10th- HRS (369); 11th- Ramsey (346); 12th- Forest Hall (188)


The Tabor team showed determination, great self-belief and an outstanding team spirit throughout. Their encouragement for one another allowed the students to express themselves to their full potential and demonstrated how many excellent role models Tabor possess in the school. A massive well done to the Tabor team for their outstanding achievement and effort.