Tabor Artists visit Tate Modern

On Tuesday 13th March, 47 of our students travelled to the Southbank to experience first-hand the work of Picasso.  Tate Modern have curated the first exhibition of its kind, the works of one artist, from just one year of their life.

1932 was one of the most diverse and creative years for Picasso, and Tabor were lucky enough to secure tickets for day 6 of this wonderful opportunity.

The majority of our students were our Year 10 GCSE Art cohort, who had prepared by researching the life and work of Picasso prior to the trip, enabling them to experience the exhibition with an academic familiarity.  Seeing the work of an artist in print or on screen is often the only way teaching and learning can be done, but to be in the presence of a recognised art work you’ve only seen in two dimensions is something which most students appreciated on the day, and since, as something very special.

The students were encouraged to draw from the work, examine the brushstrokes and compare the scale of the paintings and sculptures, thus learning about their physical construction and individual power as well as the subject matter itself.

The year 9 students who attended will be carrying the learning forward with them into Key Stage 4, and if they opt for Art, will be able to use this even more constructively.  Our year 11’s and Sixth Form were also represented, each and every student making the most of day.

Seeing works from the Tate Modern permanent collection was also part of the itinerary, and these were met with equal enthusiasm, as were the swings in the Turbine Hall, a site-specific, playful installation by SUPERFLEX, which met with complete approval!

Of the Day, Tayla  Year 10 GCSE Art, said ‘I enjoyed the trip as a whole, but my favourite part was getting to see the real Picasso pieces!  I didn’t fully realise how big the art was, until I saw it.  I can also speak on behalf of the other students on the trip, the swings were really good!’

Thank you

Mr Chaplin,

Art Department