STEM Club, Quadcopter Challenge


On Saturday 7th November Tabor Academy students Matthew, Albert and Piotr attended a Quadcopter Challenge at Stow Maries Airfield Museum where they flew their home made quadcopter that they had built in an after school club. They were helped by experts from Harlow based company Raytheon. They put in a lot of effort and time to creating their quadcopter to carry out a tasks and fly around an obstacle course. The day was full of activities and attractions like the oculus rift/virtual reality system and other demonstrations of cutting edge technology. They talked to professionals and saw a speed show, where a quadcopter flew up to 60mph! At the end of the day there was a presentation with 3 prizes. They did not win the main prize but won the award for creative design. Their ‘copter survived a lot of crashes during the flight through the obstacle course but held together to fly another day! It was a great day of fun and they are looking forward to more training days at Stow Maries, and the Quadcopter Challenge 2016.

Piotr, Albert, Matthew and Mr Baker