Sociology (OCR)

Why choose this subject?

Sociology is the study of how society is organised and how we experience life. This subject gives you the opportunity to look at key aspects of life such as family, peer groups, media, religion, education and work. We will explore people’s struggles with identity and the way we attempt to define ourselves by ethnicity, gender, social class, sexuality and age. Also we will examine the impact of social media on people’s identity, relationships and on social inequality. You will get the opportunity to study the development of virtual communities and digital social networks and weigh up the positives and negatives of digital forms of communication. There will be the chance to test theories of crime, deviance and social control. If you have ever wondered what causes the growth of youth subcultures such as gangs, A-Level sociology is the subject in which this will be explored, explained and questioned. If you have an interest in how the world works around you, then A-Level Sociology will provide that insight. You will develop critical thinking skills, become an independent enquirer and reflective thinker.

Combine this course with:                                            History, psychology, English literature, English language, a modern foreign language, economics, media studies, and religion

Essential if you go on to:                                              Social work, charitable organisations, law, journalism, politics – national and local government, academic research, youth worker, human resources, education, the NHS, public relations

Course Description

AS Level Sociology

This component introduces learners to the key themes of socialisation, culture and identity and develops these themes through the context of youth subcultures. This develops skills that enable individuals to focus on their personal identity, roles and responsibilities within society and develop a lifelong interest in social issues. Furthermore, it explores the methods of sociological enquiry and develops knowledge and understanding of contemporary social processes and social change in the context of social inequality and difference. It aims to foster the development of critical and reflective thinking and a respect for social diversity in terms of social class, gender, ethnicity and age.

Unit 1:   Socialisation, Culture and Identity

Unit 2:   Research Methods: Researching and Understanding Cultural Inequalities

This course is assessed through two examination papers

Each examination paper is worth 50% of the final AS grade

A Level Sociology

This option focuses on debates in contemporary society through a detailed study of crime and deviance. The social construction of crime and deviance are considered and the ways in which crime is socially distributed, explained and reduced. This option introduces a global dimension, with reference to patterns and trends. It aims to give an understanding of different theoretical approaches to the study of crime and deviance.

The content of Units 1 and 2 studied for AS are also tested for A level assessment.  They make up 65% of the final A-level grade

Unit 3:   Debates in Contemporary Society: Globalisation and the Digital World: Option 1: Crime and Deviance

This unit is worth 35% of the total A-level.