Welcome to Year 7

Starting secondary school can be the most exhilarating and yet often the most daunting time in a young person’s life. Year 7 is not only the launch of a new and important journey, but also the beginning of a great future for our young people. This is the year where students will be encouraged and supported to develop all the essential life skills needed to help them prepare strong foundations for the challenges ahead, such as integrity, determination, curiosity and empathy. These will help them grow and become amazing ambassadors in their communities.

An exceptional start in Year 7 will support successful learning and progression in future years.  Every child’s academic, social and personal development is important at Tabor Academy and we aim to provide a stimulating and supportive environment conducive to learning and growth.  All students across the academic spectrum are actively supported and equally challenged in their learning and all students have the opportunity to be recognised and rewarded for their hard work, progress and exceptional achievements.

As a team, we work hard to prepare and implement a successful transition and introductory events to really show you what Tabor Academy is about, but also to allow us to start to get to know your individual goals, dreams and needs for your time with us. This will mean that when September comes we can help you accelerate your learning as soon as possible and make your first year at Tabor Academy successful, happy and a sound basis for your future learning.

A successful first year relies on team work between the school, student and parent or carer.  We need to support each other to see this success happen. Within the school, each Year 7 student will have a form tutor dedicated, not only to students’ social and emotional wellbeing, but also to their academic development and progress. Alongside our experienced and outstanding tutor team, our Achievement Leader, Miss Driver, keeps a close eye on learning and achievement across the whole year group and Mrs Culham, our Year Care Team Leader, keeps the year group running at its best day to day. The team is also supported by Assistant Headteacher and Head of Key Stage 3, Mrs Leeds. We ask that parents support the team by ensuring homework is completed on time and to the best of your child’s ability. Additional reading for pleasure is encouraged in the home and school diaries are checked for home-school messages. We also encourage open dialogue and communication with your child’s form tutor and classroom teachers.

We are keen to discuss any concerns or answer any queries you may have about your child’s progress, so please feel free to contact your child’s form tutor and Mrs Culham and we will do our best possible in assisting you.

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to working with you.

 Miss N. Driver
Achievement Team Leader Year 7