Welcome to Year 10

I am extremely happy to announce myself as the Achievement Leader for the current year 10 cohort of students. Having worked alongside this vibrant year group for the previous two years, I feel the transition from Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4 will be well supported by myself (Mr Welton- Achievement Team Leader), Mrs Mann (Year Care Team Leader) and our excellent year 10 form tutors.

The year 10 students will have higher expectations as they enter the beginning of their GCSE studies. Not only will the students be expected to mature quickly and demonstrate a determined and aspirational attitude towards their learning, they will also need to be disciplined, respectful and ensure they are following the pivotal school policy of being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It will be very important for the year 10 students to illustrate excellent attendance levels at school, as well as arriving at lessons on time throughout the day. There will need to be a proactive approach towards lessons, with interaction, challenge and initiative forming a core part of my expectations of the cohort. The standard of work will become more difficult and there are likely to be challenging times, however, it is critical that students feel confident to ask their teachers if they require support. There is no harm in making mistakes during lessons but students will be expected to learn swiftly from their errors in order to strive towards their target grades. It is recommended that parents encourage their child to complete additional work at home each week in order to extend the quality of their learning in every GCSE subject.

The effective use of student planners will strengthen the organisational skills of each individual in the year group. Students are expected to receive at least one piece of homework everyday, which should be written down in full detail. Strict deadlines should be adhered to by everyone, and those who fail to meet deadlines will be sanctioned for their actions. Planners will be checked on a weekly basis, and there are high expectations for every planner to be signed by the form tutor and parents each week. The communication between school and home is vital in ensuring academic success for our year 10 students. It will be my intention to meet with a vast number of parents throughout the year to discuss the progress of their children, and help to provide a clearer picture on the achievements and improvements required from each student.

We assess the standard of student progress and behaviour on a daily basis. Students who illustrate excellent work in lessons and are able to show a high level of effort and application to a particular subject will be given good SIMS entries, praise from teachers, phone calls home and potential reward trips. When a student achieves three goods in one designated week, a letter is sent home highlighting the excellence of the student. Alternatively, sanctions are also applied in lessons, so when a student fails to behave in an appropriate manner or misses a homework deadline, they will be given negative SIMS referrals, which in turn may lead to phone calls home and letters that highlight improvements are required from the relevant student.

We dedicate ourselves to improving as a school and therefore look to the views of the students in the year group. Student council members meet frequently to discuss areas of strength and improvement around the school and many students are questioned during student voice sessions to gauge the quality of learning in a variety of classes. We aim to listen to the students and work alongside them to make their learning experience more enjoyable each day. However, it is important for each student to recognise they need to follow the school behaviour policy in order to stay away from problematic situations.

Student progress is closely monitored throughout the year via a termly tracking system. Reports are sent out to parents detailing current grades alongside behaviour, effort, homework and progress scores. Students who are underachieving or illustrating a range of concerns will have meetings arranged between myself, the student and their parents. We are putting together intervention groups to support the students who require further support, however we also aim to drive forward our highest achievers ensuring nobody feels devalued or unsupported. Achievements will be celebrated during assemblies from an academic viewpoint as well as from the extra-curricular activities in which students participate. It is important to be positive and enthusiastic about all types of interests that our students possess, therefore I make it my duty to take the time to discuss the interests that students in the year group have.

The year 10 students should know that we are here to support them at all times during the academic year. We all possess the determination and commitment to assist our students around school and we certainly encourage the year 10 students to show high aspirations in every lesson.

I look forward to entering a new period of education alongside the year 10s. If you have any concerns regarding your child, please contact myself or Mrs Mann.

Mr Welton
Achievement Team Leader