sen4What is 7N?

7N is a small transitional nurture group that support some of our most vulnerable students to make a smooth transition into secondary school.

Most of their lessons take place in the same classroom with the same LSA. This enables the students to feel secure and comfortable in a familiar base with all the relevant resources available including computers, books and various equipment. With their 7N teacher they work on maths, humanities and literacy. This allows them to work at a pace which is relevant to their ability.

For other lessons such as Science, Art, drama and music they go to specialist rooms with specialist teachers. For PE and Technology they mix with students in the mainstream.

The views of current 7N students

“I like 7N because every day is different” – James

“I like that we stay in the same room, the class doesn’t have many people and the people are nice” – Aaron

“The teachers in my class are fun. We work as a team and we are nice to each other” – Kayne.

“7N is a class that can give support if you need it. I think this is a good class because then you can get ready to go to year 8” – Stefan.

“I like 7N because we learn new things. The teachers are helpful and help us if the work gets hard and we are all friends” – Shannon.

“I like 7N because my class is nice and happy. My teachers are nice to work with. They help me when I am stuck. My friends help me with my work and I help them” – Kofi.

“We are all good at something which is to do with learning. We all know something new by the end of the day” – Jake.