Our aim at Tabor Academy is to make Science a very exciting proposition for students. Everyone studies Science, with a clear focus on the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The Faculty is staffed by good teaching and support staff who deliver quality education to students across the age range.

The phenomenal facilities and resources with modern laboratories and easy access to open spaces, Science in the 21st Century can really be brought to life.

Students in year 7 and 8 cover a KS3 curriculum that covers key concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

In year 9-11, students are working towards GCSEs in Science. Every student will have the opportunity to take a GCSE in Science, with many achieving two GCSEs. The top set will have the opportunity to reach higher and will work toward three GCSEs; one in Biology, one in Chemistry and one in Physics.

How we learn in this subject:

Through a mixture of practical work, peer work, teacher-led discussions and differentiated individual work.

Practical work aims to encourage students to investigate hypotheses and look for patterns in their observations and measurements. Teacher-led discussions then aim to make sense of these observations by developing students’ understanding of the relevant scientific concepts.

Reasons why Science is important:

  • Develops an understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live.
  • Teaches a broad range of skills through a broad range of contexts.
  • Useful in almost any career.

Career / Progression possibilities (the list is endless!):

  • Medical
  • Environmental science · Health and Fitness
  • Geology
  • Fashion
  • Explorer
  • Engineering
  • Sports sciences
  • Forensics
  • Ecology
  • Media
  • Astronaut

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