Students will build upon prior knowledge of the six main world religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism) gained at primary school, but will now be encouraged to think philosophically about ‘big questions’, exploring religious views and their own. Students will be encouraged to consider issues from a range of perspectives, listen to the views of others and share their own ideas in discussions. The programme of study at key stage three is designed to develop students’ critical reflection in relation to moral and philosophical issues. Furthermore, we aim to develop skills in discussion, reflection and empathy that can be used across the curriculum.


Students will use the knowledge gained in KS3 as a pathway to learning more about two of the six major world religions, Christianity and Islam. Students will gain deeper knowledge of both of these religions: their religious beliefs, teachings and practices and how these affect their followers’ everyday lives. The primary aim of study at KS4 is to prepare students for their GCSE exams at the end of year 11. Students will study the following three components:

  1. Christianity: Teachings, practices and beliefs
  2. Islam: Teachings, practices and beliefs
  3. Component 3: Life after death, relationships, good and evil and human rights.