Tabor Academy students have taken part in athletics competitions during the summer term, with the annual NWESSA secondary schools district sports athletics competition having taken centre stage on Monday 19th June, followed by the Tabor Academy Sports Day on Tuesday 4th July. Both events saw outstanding performances,  excellent participation levels and high levels of effort, commitment and dedication to their teams.

NWESSA Secondary Schools District Sports: Athletics (Monday 19th June)

On an annual basis, Tabor Academy hosts 12 other schools for the athletics district sports competition. The strongest athletes from Alec Hunter, Honywood, Hedingham, Maltings, Ramsey, Forest Hall, Notley, HRS, New Rickstones, Saffron Walden, Joyce Franklin and Tabor compete in a range of age group categories, with an overall competition winner crowned at the end of the day.

Tabor formed an extremely strong team this year, with the following age groups participating:

Year 7 Boys (Harry; Jamie; Billy; Ciaran; William; Lewis; Liam; James; Cory; Louie; Matt; Alfie F; Eddy; Riley; Elliot; Alfie J)
Year 7 Girls (Elkie; Estelle; Hollie; Mia; Gadea; Jasmine; Lizzie; Lily; Melisa; Tehya; Rebecca; Niamh; Daisy; Emma; Aimee; Julia; Tynisha)
Junior Boys: 8s and 9s (Joel; Joe W; Jordi; Hayden R; Harry; Joe B; Syd; Charlie; Josh; Joe S; Chris; Matthew; Hayden W; Callum; Jack; Kai; Alfie; Cameron; Ben; Kiedis)
Junior Girls: 8s and 9s (Caitlin; Rebecca; Elisha; Zuzanna; Hollie; Yves; Sophie J; Amber; Rachel; Leanne; Natasha; Leah; Anya; Scarlett; Josephine; Lucy; Dija; Katie; Ellie; Sophie H; Jess)
Intermediate Boys: 10s and 11s (Jamie; Jack; Freddie; Harry; Josh; Dan; Alfie; Adam; Charles; Luca; Joe; Jake; Oliver; Bailey)
Intermediate Girls: 10s and 11s (Alice; Ella; Chloe M; Amy H; Chloe R; Jess; Scarlett; Collette; Amy T)

Overall results at the District Sports competition were:

Overall Standings

All Years Boys

All Years Girls

Saffron Walden (1149 points) Saffron Walden (594 points) Saffron Walden (555 points)
Tabor (1114 points) Tabor (581 points) Maltings (542 points)
Maltings (1105 points) Maltings (563 points) Tabor (533 points)
Hedingham (986 points) Hedingham (530 points) Hedingham (456 points)
Alec Hunter (945 points) Alec Hunter (520 points) Alec Hunter (425 points)
Notley (802 points) Notley (434 points) Joyce Franklin (416 points)
HRS (737 points) Honywood (377 points) HRS (386 points)
Joyce Franklin (704 points) HRS (351 points) Notley (368 points)
Honywood (679 points) New Rickstones (329 points) New Rickstones (322 points)
New Rickstones (651 points) Joyce Franklin (288 points) Honywood (302 points)
Forest Hall (479 points) Forest Hall (284 points) Ramsey (210 points)
Ramsey (440 points) Ramsey (230 points) Forest Hall (195 points)

Tabor had an outstanding competition finishing 2nd overall, with the boys combined total earning them a podium place alongside the girls also being comfortably placed in the top 3. As for individual age group categories, the standout Tabor team were the year 7 girls team who won their age group category, contributed with a hurdles victory from Lizzie alongside further podium places from Estelle, Mia, Gadea, Lily, Melisa, Tehya, Rebecca, Niamh, Elkie, Daisy and Emma. The consistency of the girls was phenomenal and their contribution to the Tabor team was invaluable. The year 7 boys team included some strong performances, with Billy breaking a long standing 200 metre school record alongside Liam doing the same in the hurdles. There were 9 podium places from the year 7 boys along the way too. The Junior Boys group earned a 2nd place finish in their category, with Harry setting a school record for the 300 metres, and 8 podium places being earned during the day. In the Junior Girls category, they finished in third place which was partially down to victories from Natasha in the high jump and Rebecca in the long jump, and an emphatic total of 13 podium finishes. Elisha broke the 200 metres year 8 record on the day which was followed by Anya breaking the year 9 shot put school record. The Intermediate boys possessed some outstanding athletes, and there were victories for Freddie in the 400 metres, Alfie in the high jump and an astonishing relay quartet of Charles, Freddie, Dan and Jamie who completed the race in 48.02 seconds which is the fastest ever time recorded by a Tabor relay team. There were 7 podium places from 13 events which was a strong return and saw them finish in 2nd place just behind Saffron Walden. Finally, the Intermediate girls team finished in 6th place overall, with Amy H picking up two podium finishes in the high jump and hurdles alongside Alice in the 200 metres. The whole squad played a significant part with their performances, encouragement for their teammates, and students were willing to step into events they weren’t necessarily the most confident about, but they wanted to help the team out, and it truly epitomised the superb attitude of our Tabor students. In terms of size, we are a long way behind Saffron Walden however Tabor continues to churn out some brilliant sports men and women, and we look forward to many more of them participating next summer.

Tabor Sports Day (Tuesday 4th July)

The annual Tabor Sports Day took place on a warm, sunny day with the majority of field events occurring during the morning and the track events taking centre stage in the afternoon when the whole school came out to support. Redgrave have been dominating proceedings for the past two years, so they were looking for the hat-trick victory, Brunel were looking for their first win since 2014 while Austen and Turner were looking for their first overall victory this decade.

The Tabor Sports Day Results 2017


Total Points

Number of Participants

Redgrave 809 128 students
Austen 749 133 students
Brunel 681 119 students
Turner 656 117 students

A third victory in three years saw Redgrave House take the sports day title for 2017. In terms of the various year groups taking part, here is a general review of how things ended up:

Year 7 Boys – 1st Place: Austen House (108 points); 2nd Place: Brunel House (93 points); 3rd Place: Redgrave House (89 points); 4th Place: Turner House (78 points)
Only two weeks after breaking the 200 metre year 7 school record, Billy returned at sports day to lower his time even further after an outstanding run closely contested with William. There were some notable performances from a range of students, with Jack throwing well in the shot put, Alfie and Harvey exceeding 20 metres in the javelin, and the Austen relay team dipping under the 1 minute barrier in the relay. The year 7 boys have made a great start to their time at Tabor, and I am certain we will continue to see many more memorable moments.

Year 7 Girls – 1st Place: Turner House (87 points); 2nd Place: Austen House (86 points); 3rd Place: Redgrave House (84 points); 4th Place: Brunel House (83 points)
This was the closest match-up out of all the age categories with all four teams extremely well matched and ironically this was the only category who managed to place two competitors into every event, which illustrates the importance of participation. Gadea ran the quickest 800 metres out of all the female age groups, which set the high standard of competition, and there were other strong showings from Rebecca in the discus, Emma in the javelin and a gripping battle between Daisy and Mia in the high jump. Having won the district athletics as a team already this year, the year 7 girls have done themselves immensely proud this year in sport.

Year 8 Boys – 1st Place: Redgrave House (106 points); 2nd Place: Austen House (94 points); 3rd Place: Brunel House (90 points); 4th Place: Turner House (77 points)
Redgrave year 8 boys showed great consistency with a large number of top three finishes helping them to victory. Joel managed to do the treble with victory in the 100 metres, long jump and relay, while there were many more boys in year 8 who put in some great performances. A great example of team spirit was shown by Jake in the 800 metres, who stepped in at the very last minute for another student, and it just showed the togetherness of so many of our Tabor students.

Year 8 Girls – 1st Place: Redgrave House (113 points); 2nd Place: Austen House (88 points); 3rd Place: Brunel House (79 points); 4th Place: Turner House (49 points)
The Redgrave year 8 girls do possess some excellent athletes, and there was another member of the treble winning club, as Rebecca also won the 100 metres, long jump and relay events. There were some really close battles amongst many of the field events particularly, and it was good to see students who have been practising regularly at athletics club being rewarded with excellent performances in their chosen events.

Year 9 Boys – 1st Place: Redgrave House (124 points); 2nd Place: Brunel House (99 points); 3rd Place: Turner House (97 points); 4th Place (84 points)
It was another strong category for Redgrave whereby it was once again a case of being consistent in all events. Syd put in a strong 800 metres performance, and it was great to see some newer athletes coming to the forefront with Taylor gaining a win in the 100 metres and Liam winning the javelin.

Year 9 Girls – 1st Place: Austen House (110 points); 2nd Place: Brunel House (94 points); 3rd Place: Turner House (86 points); 4th Place: Redgrave House (83 points)
There were some really strong performances across the board from the year 9 girls with many races showing great quality. There was a tight finish in the 800 metres between Sophie, Hollie and Madison while Anya broke another school record in the shot put. The relay race was won in the final 10 metres, and it demonstrated the great strength in depth of the year group.

Year 10 Boys – 1st Place: Austen House (127 points); 2nd Place: Redgrave House (105 points); 3rd Place: Turner House (102 points); 4th Place: Brunel House (65 points)
The biggest standout performance came in the 200 metres as Freddie went under the 24 second barrier to break the year 10 200 metre record. Lewis put in a great effort in the 800 metres, while there were strong fielding performances from Alfie in the high jump, Aidan in the discus and Taylor in the javelin. With this being the final sports day for year 10s, it was disappointing to see a low turnout of Brunel boys which certainly hindered their chances in the overall competition.

Year 10 Girls – 1st Place: Redgrave House (105 points); 2nd Place: Turner House (80 points); 3rd Place: Brunel House (78 points); 4th Place: Austen House (52 points)
Whilst there were far too many gaps in many of the races and field events for the year 10 girls, there were still some high standard performances during the day. Amy and Alice won three events each, with Alice also picking up the shot put school record, while it was great to see a real family effort in the middle distance events as Paige won the 800 metres and her sister Imogen won the 1500 metres. Darcy and Chloe performed strongly in the triple jump, while there was also some excellent throwing from many of the girls in their final sports day at Tabor.

Tabor Sports Day 2017 once again proved to be an enjoyable and vastly rewarding experience for the staff and particularly the students who took part. Students were encouraging everybody on the day, regardless of the house they belonged to. The results do illustrate that the more successful teams possess a greater pool of participants, so Brunel and Turner in particular need to focus on filling their teams up for all age categories next year. Athletics club occurs twice a week in the summer term, so there is plenty of opportunity to develop your understanding of an event if it is something that you may be tempted to do in 2018. Well done to everybody who was involved in an outstanding event.