Here at Tabor Academy music is taught at all levels in the school.  The subject is designed to offer our learners an enriched education allowing all, no matter what learning style a mentally, creatively, emotionally and spiritual outlet. We cover many different styles of music from all over the world.  We look at why music is used in our society and how other cultures relate to it, from celebrations to funerals, from communication to entertainment.


Latest News

Students work with ‘Stomp’ percussion group and perform at the Baintree Arts Theatre
In March, 16 music students from Years 9 & 10 had the chance to work with two musicals from the very renowned and successful percussion group ‘Stomp’. Dave and Nass came to Tabor for a whole day and worked with our students.  During the day the group, with the guidance of Dave and Nass, created a ‘Stomp’ style piece using basketball.  This was an excellent day.  All of the students involved said how they loved the experience.  It gave our students a rare chance to work with professional musicians to prepare for a performance.

After the day the students continued to practise the piece to make sure it was perfected, ready for the evening concert at the Braintree Arts Theatre.  The evening was a complete success and both parents and students alike commented on how wonderful this opportunity was.  We hope this can continue next year.

Outside the classroom


We run many different clubs both at lunch and after school on selected days.  Below is a selection of clubs currently offered:

  • Tabor Singers – This is open to all year groups and the group rehearses every Tuesday 3:30-4:30
  • Karaoke Sing – This is a chance for students to sing along to their favourite songs using a microphone. This runs most lunch times from 1:25-2:00
  • Coursework one-to-one support – This is for GCSE students only and must be booked in advance. This is open to book every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (unless there is staff training)
  • GCSE Revision & Support – This is open mainly to GCSE students but can be offered to KS3 students on invitation. This club runs each Friday Lunch from 1:25-2:00

Music School

We were so pleased to be able to offer instrumental and vocal lessons at the school, using Essex Music Services, for free to all students wanting to have lessons.  These lessons are offered during the school day throughout the week but the times of the lessons change each and every week so as not to disrupt the learning of students by missing the same lesson regularly.

We offer lessons on all of the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Strings, Woodwind, Drums

We also loan out many instruments, subject to availability, for free.  Here is a list of the instruments we have to offer: Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Saxophone, and Clarinet

If you are interested please contact Mr Lovell on for more information.

Terms and Conditions 2016-2017 for Instrumental/Vocal Tuition

This contract is for one half term, at which point a progress review will take place. If appropriate progress is made and all lessons are attended, then lessons will continue the next half term.

  1. Students are to check the music notice boards every week to see the time of their lessons and in case changes are made to the timetables. (Notice board is outside room 208)
  2. All students will be given a pass to allow them out of lessons to attend their instrument/vocal tuition. It is however the student’s responsibility to ensure they leave their classes five minutes before the start of the instrumental/vocal lesson and arrive at the music practice room for their allotted time.
  3. If a lesson is cancelled by the instrumental teacher, or Mr Lovell, a sign will be placed on the music notice boards informing the students of the situation.
  4. If a student fails to attend a lesson, or is absent from school, an email must be sent to at the earliest possible convenience but before the allocated lesson time. However if the absence is prearranged e.g. doctors appointment, school trip, exam etc then 24 hours’ notice is required.
  5. Failing to adhere to all the above conditions may result in your tuition lessons being stopped without notice.

piano keys under GCSE music to right of 3 bullet points and under sentence 1