Everyone will have studied Media in Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 3, the skills in Media Studies (both theoretical and practical) are blended into the English curriculum in order to give pupils a well-rounded experience covering film, TV, advertising and print media.

Students taking the Media Studies course are expected to show skills in analysis, communication and understanding of how modern media works, as well as a more creative side. Media in the modern world does not exist in isolation, and students will have to draw on knowledge from multiple media forms; including magazines, television, film, video games and the internet, and forming an understanding of how they work together in real world situations.

How will I be assessed?

The majority of the one year Media course is dedicated to learning the skills for, and producing, 3 Assignment piece, which together make up 60% of the final course grade. Each Assignment consists of an analysis task and a creative task. For example; Assignment 1 could be an analysis of the effectiveness of magazine covers and the creation of a “mock-up” example of a magazine cover with a particular subject, followed by an in-depth look at the marketing campaign of a recent film for Assignment 2, alongside the creation of marketing materials for a brand new film devised by the student.

The end of year examination is on a single topic.

Pupils are given a ‘brief’ around 1 month before the exam, which gives them opportunity to research the given topic area and develop their own ideas before the exam takes place.

This GCSE will provide a great foundation for studying A levels in media studies or film studies. It is also an excellent course for preparing students for any further education courses as it is primarily centred around analysis of texts, communication of ideas and creativity of texts.  It will also suit anyone considering a career in the media.

Qualification: GCSE Media Studies

Combined of an examination component and controlled assessments:

  • Unit 1 Investigating the Media;
  • Unit 2 Understanding the Media (three controlled Assessments).

Exam Board: AQA

Code: 4812

AQA Specification: http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects/AQA-4810-W-SP-14.PDF