The aim of this department is to take students through various forms of media in the world around them. Students who apply themselves well to media will be able to do the following things;

  1. Have a deep understanding of the way that messages are put across to the public
  2. Appreciate how far the mediums of entertainment like film and television have come in the last 120 years
  3. Question the reasons that certain things are presented to audiences in certain ways
  4. Understand how advertisers make us specifically desire a certain product in the way that they market it to us

The following courses are taught at Tabor:



GCSE Media Studies

What is the course about?

The Media GCSE Course will take students through the following steps:

Year 10

Topic 1: Film
We will look at film and how different directors, techniques and effects reach different target audiences. This will include looking at genres of films, making our own inquiries into what we like to watch as an audience. We will look into why certain people want to see certain types of film and for the first time you will look at the theory of uses and gratifications.

Topic 2: Television
In this part of year 10, students will look at many different facets of the television they watch on a day to day basis. This goes from scheduling all the way through to conventions, genres and watershed programming. Questions like what advertisers choose which programmes to promote their product will also be considered.

Topic 3: Controlled Assessment
Students who have successfully worked through film and television will be then able to speak with enough depth to progress rapidly through the tasks. This will take place in the summer term of Year 10 for media students.

Year 11

Students will have completed controlled assessments by this point and will now focus on examination preparation. The examination will focus on a topic decided by the examination board. Our 2016-17 year 11 students will be studying gameshows. The course will take them through all of the aspects of the gameshow genre. Students will receive pre-release materials in advance of the examinations which will form the focus of their study in the latter stages of the course.

How is the course assessed/examined?

60% Controlled Assessment (Year 10)

3 pieces of controlled assessment across both years:
1. Introductory Assignment – Soap Magazine Covers
2. Cross-Media Assignment – Advertising (TV and Poster)
3. Practical Production – Perfume advertising

40% Examination (Year 11)

External Assessment (June of Year 11) on topic set by the exam board:
A different topic is set each year. Previous topics have included: Quiz Shows; Action Adventure Films; Newspapers; TV Crime Drama; Children’s Comics.

What can I do once I’ve completed the course?

Naturally students who have completed Media Studies in year 11 will be able to progress to A-level Media. However, the analytical skills that this course provides as well as the questioning that students should be more attuned to will be welcomed by all academic subjects at A-level or equivalent standard.

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