Head of Department: Miss K Ditzel (Head of Design)

Child Development is an academic based GCSE course. If you are looking for a career working with children for example as a Nursery Nurse, Infant School Teacher, Play Group Leader, Qualified Nanny, Child Psychologist, this is the course for you.

What is the course about?

The course is about the development of young children. It includes learning about the Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical Development of Children, Family and Parenting, Preparation for Pregnancy and Birth, Nutrition and Health and Community Support.

Students who take this course must have access to a child between the ages of 0 – 4 years old. This enables students to complete a very important part of the course, an extended child study that will be completed during November and December. Students will need to observe a child for at least six hours; a one hour long visit once a week for six weeks. Planning for the child study starts at the end of September and the first visit will take place immediately after the Half Term break.

How is the course assessed/examined?

The students will complete three short Child Development tasks, all of which are set by the Exam Board. Two of the tasks will be practical and one task which will include investigative skills. Each task will take 7 hours to complete.This will be 30% of the GCSE grade.

The students will complete an extended Child Development study task which will assess a variety of skills. This task will take 22 hours to complete. This will be 30% of the GCSE grade.

The students will complete an end of course written examination which will last 1 hour 30 minutes about the Principles of Child Development. This will be 40% of the GCSE grade.

What can I do once I have completed the course?

This GCSE course is an excellent starting point for any student who would like to study the development of children in detail, who would like to learn about how a child develops and how that development can be nurtured, encouraged and developed.

Qualification: GCSE Home Economics (Child Development)

Exam Board: OCR

Code: J441