Head of Department: Mr J Salmon (Head of Performing Arts)

The course is ideally suited to pupils who wish to study Health and Social Care post-16. This could be an A level course, BTEC National Qualification or a 14-19 Diploma. You may want to progress to working or training in a specialised area within the health, social care and early years field.

Much of the course involves learning about practical real life situations, and visits to placements will take place wherever possible. Health professionals, social workers, nursery nurses, physiotherapists etc, are invited to come in to talk to you about the reality of working in health, social care and education services.

Why choose Health and Social Care?

Many young people are keen to gain a direct experience of the ‘real’ world of work and so are interested in vocational learning. All courses in vocational subjects give them an opportunity to find out about the world of work, while keeping open their ability to continue further studies in college and higher education.

They let students work within a business or industry, solve real work matters and talk to people in the sector.  They learn about some of the jobs available in the business sector they study.  This course gives students the chance to explore:

  • Understanding Personal Development and Relationships.
  • Exploring Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision.
  • Promoting Health and Well Being.
  • Health, Social Care and Early Years in Practice.

Qualification: GCSE Health & Social Care

Exam Board: Edexcel