GCSE Results 2018

Results were as follows:

  • English Language – 53% achieved Grades 9-4

  • English Literature – 65% achieved Grades 9-4

Some of the highlights of the year in English are outlined below:

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March was quite a busy day at Tabor Academy as it was World Book Day. English staff read out extracts from books such as The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Rumplestiltskin during lessons and many students said they hadn’t been read to in this way since they were in primary school!

Throughout the day we had a ‘Treasure Trail’ where students had to unravel clues that were scattered around the Library. All the answers were famous authors. Even some of teachers tried their luck but the eventual winners, with full marks, were Esme and a joint offering from Aimee and Collette.

‘A New Beginning’ Competition

Inspired by World Book Day, Tabor Library launched its annual competition. Students were given the title ‘A New Beginning’ and they could interpret it in any way they wished, using original work. The first prize was a Kindle.

We had some fantastic entries ranging from love poems to sci-fi stories, first-day-at-school diaries to nature power-points, sketches to paintings. The independent judges were amazed at the diversity of the entries and realized that we have some very talented students but it made choosing the winner that much more difficult because of the high standards.

Eventually they agreed on the overall winner as Caitlin and her beautiful drawing of a ‘New world’.

Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge

A wonderfully exciting night out was had by students, parents and staff alike at the Jack Petchey “Speak Out” competition held at Maltings Academy, Witham on Wednesday 13th May.

“Speak Out” training is designed to boost confidence and self-esteem in young people and helps them become better communicators. Fiona Whytehead, from the Jack Petchey Foundation, came to Tabor on 9th March and coached our contestants for a full day. At the end of the session Millie and Sophie were chosen to attend the North Essex Regional Final.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric as Miss Arruda, Mrs Smith, Mrs Collop, Mrs Aves and both students’ families took their seats. The Master of Ceremony introduced the judges and then began to call up the students, one-by-one, to give their speeches.

Millie’s speech was entitled ‘The Revelations of Resolutions’. Her speech was very animated and it was a joy to witness her performance. Every one of us could relate to the scenarios of December 31st that she described! Sophie’s speech was called ‘How to be Popular’ and she vividly characterised the stereotypical student groups within school. She made us all realise that you can be ‘popular’ whoever you are.

The girls were excellent representatives of the school. They put in a lot of hard work, dedication and practice with their speeches.

Macbeth Club

Macbeth Club is a club that incorporates all abilities within English. Meeting once a week, students explore the original text with the aim of recreating the Scottish Play in a contemporary setting. Originally the play was reinvented within a secondary school and a kitchen with the main protagonist, Macbeth, being Head Boy or Head Chef. This time around, students from Year 9, decided to set the play within the government with Macbeth vying for power as Prime Minister. Students re-wrote the script ensuring a secure understanding of both the text and the plot. Once the script is completed, pupils will audition for the major roles, and aim to put on a production for the remaining Year 9s.

Key Stage Three Book Club

This year has seen the revival of the Tabor Academy Book club and our members meet regularly on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. The students plan to shadow the CILIP Carnegie Book awards next year.