GCSE Art and Photography Exhibition

In June we held the GCSE Art and Photography exhibition showcasing the talents of our Year 11 students. It was a very enjoyable evening with some extremely impressive work on display. You will find examples of the wonderful art work below, including paintings, ceramics, prints and digitally enhanced images.

Past Trips

Art photo 2Tabor Trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge

On Tuesday 28th June the Art Department took 30 of our young artists to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. A few of them had been before and were very keen to return which, for the staff involved, was a very positive indication that it would be a good day.

It was! Our students behaved impeccably throughout the trip. The Fitzwilliam is an intimate and informal museum. This meant that our students were looking at a Van Gogh alongside some visitors from Germany, or a Renoir next to a primary school from Cambridge, in a small and concentrated space.

Without hesitation, our students were sketching, writing, asking questions and immersing themselves within the architecture of this unique location. Portraiture was the main focus and the learning experience from our visit has already been used to inform our African mask and illustration projects. For some, the Egyptian Collection caught the attention; for others, it was the ceramics and glass or the coins and medals.

We hope that the trip will provide the inspiration for our students to find out more about the Fitzwilliam and its treasures as it will make an excellent destination during the summer break…


Tabor goes to Tate, Creative Students Are Inspired…

On Monday this week our Year 11 Art and Photography students spent the day at the Tate Modern on the Southbank. It was a brilliant opportunity to see one of the best collections of modern art in Europe. Artworks such as Pablo Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ and Mark Rothko’s ‘Seagram Murals’ to Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Wham’ and Simryn Gill’s ‘A Small Town at the Turn of the Century’ were part of this vital visual experience.

With the Art and Photography GCSEs well underway, our students have started working towards achieving the best possible results, and to facilitate this, experiencing primary resources is a must. The Tate, the immediate vicinity, and the journey itself provided wonderful opportunities for our photography students to record landmarks and subjects not easily accessible. Inspirational compositions, the unusual, the well-known and the quirky were all around them, ready to be gathered and converted into useable resources. In the gallery itself, our Art students could record, analyse close-up, draw and compare the style of artists who are challenging and influential, whose work can go on to feed their own GCSE presentation and final piece.

Of the trip, our students said:

“Now I know how I’m going to approach my final piece.”
“Successfully gathered plenty of images that could connect to the exam topics… it was great to gather research in a new way.”
“I took tons of pictures.”
“…can’t believe I’m actually standing and staring at a real Picasso.”
“Everything was very organised and efficient… It was useful to see art related to our projects.”
“Really friendly atmosphere around the whole place.”
“…new experience, could help inspire some aspects of my work and my exam.”

Finally, our students were polite, keen, and a real credit to Tabor Academy, in turn, contributing to a feeling of pride, experienced by our art and photography teaching team.