Tabor Academy and the Jack Petchey Award: Celebrating the Achievements of Young People Together

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is designed to publicly recognise the achievements and contribution of Tabor Academy students. The monthly presentation of the award certificate at Tabor Academy offers a great opportunity to celebrate on a regular basis, not just the achievement of the award winner, but also the achievement of Tabor Academy.

About the Scheme

This popular programme now operates in approximately 2,000 schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout London and Essex. The scheme contributes millions of pounds each year to support youth work in those areas. The Achievement Award Scheme aims to enable schools, colleges and youth organisations to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of their young people. Jack Petchey wants young people to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society. Achievement Awards are designed to recognise a wide range of achievement, it is not just about being clever, or gifted, but about putting the effort in and ‘doing your best’. The scheme works well because young people themselves are involved in nominating and selecting the winners.

Tabor Academy and Jack Petchey

Due to the size of our Academy, Tabor Academy has been placed on the Gold Scheme, which means we can present nine awards each year, involving students, parents/carers and staff. Nomination forms are available at Tabor Academy and can be downloaded from the link on this page.Anyone can nominate a Tabor Academy student who has achieved something special. This could be for excellence in a sporting activity, a personal challenge, raising funds for charity – in fact anything which is a ‘personal best’ for that student.

How can I nominate?

Nomination forms can be downloaded here and students from the Student Leadership Team will read the nominations and select a winner. The chosen student will be able to decide how to ‘spend’ £250!

Everyone’s a Winner

Winners will be awarded a Jack Petchey certificate, pin badge and a letter from Jack Petchey, but every year the winners will be invited to attend a prestigious, regional Medallion Presentation Evening. These are special events where the winners, their families and friends can really celebrate and be proud of their achievements.

I’ve Won the Award! What Can I Spend My Money On?

Ideas for spending the money could be buying equipment for PE, hiring a specialist worker such as a theatre artist, fitness coach or guest speaker, arranging a special trip for a group or holding an event for a local community group such as a concert for a hospice, a play for a retirement home where the winner volunteers or a fundraising event for a registered charity. The winner must choose something which benefits 11-25 year olds and not something which only benefits one or a few individuals.

For more information about the scheme or about Jack Petchey himself, please visit:www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk


November – Scarlett
October – Zoe
September – Daisy
June – Jess
May – Vici
April – Angel
March – Aaron
February – Caitlin
January – Rebecca


January – Karollina
February – Millie
March – Jack
April – Ruby
May – Maisie-Jane
June – Tynisha
September – Matthew
October – Alistair
November – Jaden
Leadership Award Mrs Julia Aves


Leadership Award – Mr David Wiles

November – Leanne
October – Jessica
September – Cameron
June – Cameron
May – Charlie
April – Molly
March – Olivia
February – Clarice
January – Ella