The Richard Snelling Library

Library Opening Times

Monday – Friday: 

08.10am – 08.50am     Library open for independent study
The Library is also open at breaktimes and lunchtime
3.30pm – 4.30pm         Home Learning Club

Library Manager: Mrs Aves

Our Academy library was opened in the autumn of 2009 by Christopher Lloyd, author of ‘What on Earth Happened’ and Richard Snelling, a previous Headteacher after whom the library is named.

It is a bright and airy space where we promote a calm, silent atmosphere for studying. There are numerous bookshelves containing over ten thousand fiction, non-fiction and reference books and also magazines.

Our Further Education section contains descriptions of many jobs and prospectuses of local colleges and sixth forms.

We have continuous book displays depicting world events throughout the year. Red Nose Day, Holocaust Memorial Day and Diwali are some examples of previous presentations. Many of these coincide with subjects that the students are studying and the books provide invaluable resources for research.

Students are actively encouraged to read and may borrow up to two books at any one time. There is a two week loan period but books may be renewed at the end of this time. We feel reading should be an enjoyable experience so we have included a soft seating area for private reading.  A student team of librarians and library assistants are on hand to help with any queries.

There are 26 computer workstations with several tables for group work and this allows our teaching staff to use the facilities during the day for lessons that require different forms of IT or research.

The library is open every day from 8.10am until 8.50am for independent study and again at break and lunch times.

When the Academy day finishes,  there is the opportunity to attend Home Learning Club where there is a team of dedicated staff who are on hand to help with any Academy work. This is open from 3.30pm until 4.30pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Library Newsletter

library_newsletterSummer Reading Project

Dear Parent/Carer

This article is to inform you of Tabor Academy’s ‘Summer Reading Project’ which your child will be undertaking during this summer break. Each current year 7 will be participating in this project and will be presenting their work within their English classes when they return to school in September 2016 as year 8 students.

Summer Reading Challenge

  • Each student will receive a reading ‘log book’ (click to download) which must be signed by a parent/carer each time the student reads.
  • A minimum time of twenty hours reading has been set.
  • Reading material must include at least one fiction book that they will be using for their summer reading project presentation.
  • Students can also read non-fiction books, newspapers, graphic novels or comics for logging their twenty hours.
  • The County Library Summer Reading Challenge will also count towards their total if signed by a librarian.
  • There will be prizes for the top three students who have the accumulated the most hours.

Summer Project Assignment (Click here to view the project details)

  • Each student must produce a project on one of the fiction books they have read during the summer.
  • The project must be chosen from the attached list.
  • Presentations will take place during the first few weeks of their Year 8 English lessons.
  • There will be two winning categories in each class: Best Visual Presentation and Best Vocal Presentation. Each winner will receive a prize.

Thank you for your continuing support,
Yours sincerely

Ms Cole                     Mrs Aves
Teacher of English       Library Manager