Although it is possible to supply your own food, a full and varied menu is available from our Dining Hall. If students bring their own meal (sandwiches) they are able to eat them either in the Dining Hall or the Studio. Students are not permitted to eat in other areas of the Academy. Tabor Academy operates a biometric cashless catering system and students will be instructed on how to use this on their Induction Days in June.

Cashless Catering

We have a biometric cashless system for the catering service which has significantly reduced the time taken to pay for meals. When a student has chosen their food they will scan their finger at the till point and the value of their food will be deducted from their account balance.

The student’s fingerprint itself is not stored by the computer system and cannot be used for identification purposes. During the account creation the system uses an image of the fingerprint to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the finger-print; only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a fingerprint image.

Initially students will need to top-up their account using one of the two cash top-up units around the Academy, which will accept banknotes or £2 – £1 – 50p – 20p – 10p coins. We also have ParentPay which allows you to top-up your child’s account using a credit/debit card through a secure website.

Students who receive free Academy meals will receive their allowance (as a credit to their account) at the start of the day and will be able to spend it at break and/or lunch time. Any of the allowance that is not spent will be lost at the end of the day. Students are also able to top-up their account if they wish to spend more than the free Academy meal allowance, but the free Academy meal allowance will be used first.

Tabor Academy is also able to provide you with a report detailing each item of food served, each credit made to the system for any time period and show a current balance.

There is a daily spend limit programmed into the system of £5, this can be increased or decreased for an individual pupil by making a written request to the Academy Finance Department.

Once students have been registered they can credit their account from their first day at Tabor Academy.

To apply for free Academy meals via the Essex County Council website please click here or telephone 0845 603 2200.