School Out of Time

SKM_C454e18062611450john halden

On Wednesday 20th June author John Halden gave a presentation to all of our year 7 students about his new book ‘School Out of Time’. It is about a young boy in 1964 who time travels to the present time and how he meets a girl who helps him overcome his problems. We were introduced to the main characters and given a short synopsis of each one.

John’s talk was very interactive and he showed the students several items from earlier years including a 45 rpm record and coins dating back to Queen Victoria! There were many gasps when he told them that twelve old pennies are now only worth a small 5p coin! A caped John, complete with cane for corporal punishment, made our students aware of how lucky they are to live in 2018!

The students had been given an English homework task of writing a story about Tabor in the future and five lucky winners each received a signed copy of School Out of Time donated by the library. They were Emily-Mai, John, Lily, Leah and Darshana.

Towards the end of the afternoon there was a Q & A section where we were able to understand how John found ideas for his books and who he based his stories on. He also told the students some intriguing snippets about his new time-travelling book which is set in World Two and involves geocaching. We sincerely hope that he will come to Tabor again in our near future as we can’t wait to hear once more about his characters’ adventures.

Mrs Aves, Library Manager