Rugby Triumph for Tabor

On Tuesday 5th November 2019 saw Tabor take on Gosfield in a friendly game of Rugby.

The combined Y8 & 9 rugby team have been working really hard to make improvements and this would be their first real test.

Gosfield started strong with, an early try putting Tabor on the back foot. Tabor were playing well but struggled to put phases together and build pressure. Tabor managed to squeeze back 2 trys through individual brilliance. As the game progressed Tabor began to take more of a hold of the game, they recycled the ball well and built pressure, something they had been working on in training.

In the last 10 minutes Gosfield had a strong finish really stretching Tabor and their defence. However, a try from Josh Chamberlin put the game to bed, with Tabor winning the game 31-26.

Well done to all the players who played.