Respect Project

Seven students have been invited to attend a second round of activities for the Respect Project. Respect is run by the Essex Boys and Girls Club and they will be taking part in an exciting range of activities. Well done to all of the students that engaged in the project and have been successful in being chosen for the next round.

The final round is a week in the Lake District taking part in outdoor pursuits and developing team ethics and self confidence. Good luck and fingers crossed.

The Respect Project is designed to help young people in Year 9 to increase their ability to deal with life’s problems, and for participants to become more resilient. The Respect Project helps participants to view situations in a less daunting way by re-framing them. Students are taught to set reasonable and manageable goals to deal with problems. They took part in a series of challenges and developed coping strategies develop positive self-esteem and self-confidence. Students took part in a day’s activities away from the school setting and was delivered by trained youth workers.

This informality allows the young people to open up to trusted adults and overcome fears and barriers to progress. Mrs Collop, Year Care Team for Year 9 said ‘ this was a great opportunity for year 9 to learn about themselves and to learn to work with others.’ Twenty students went on the trip and took part in a range of puzzles, challenges, team building and confidence building activities. Students came back windswept, tired but filled with enthusiasm and self-confidence after realising that they can do things that the at first felt were impossible.