Parent Drop in Session

Dear Parent/Carers

Following parental feedback we are going to introduce drop in sessions to enable parents a weekly opportunity to speak to your child’s Year Care Team & Achievement Team Lea der. These meetings will begin week beginning 11th March 2019.

Drop in:  
Year7 Tuesday 09:05-09:50
Year8 Friday 09:05-09:50
Year9 Thursday 09:05-09:50
Year 10 Wednesday 09:05-09:50
Year 11 Thursday 09:05-09:50
Year 12/13 Wednesday 09:05-09:50


In addition if you would like to speak to me a Headteacher’s Drop in has been introduced every Monday 10:10-10:50.

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Speller