Noughts and Crosses trip

Sephy is a Cross and Callum is a Nought. Between Noughts and Crosses there are racial and social divides. A segregated society teeters on a volatile knife edge.

As violence breaks out, Sephy and Callum draw closer, but this is a romance that will lead them into terrible danger…


As a part of our KS3 literature curriculum, our year 8 students study dystopian fiction and this term are reading Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. The students had an opportunity to see an amazing production of the novel at performed at Mercury Theatre in Colchester.

The trip really enhanced their understanding of the novel was a valuable learning experience for them all. The students were very excited to see the text being bought to life and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

It was a pleasure to accompany the students on this.

Miss N.Mevo