MOMO Challenge

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have been made aware about a potentially harmful online pop up that is appearing on Whatsapp, Instagram etc.

A person called Momo depicted by a woman’s face with googly eyes is challenging children and young people to take risks and do dangerous things. You may already be aware of this as it has been highlighted on Anglia news and other media outlets.

The messages tell the recipient not to tell adults or parents as they will get hurt.

Apparently there have been 7 attempted suicides as a result of Momo.

Momo sends a message and asks the recipient to add them, when they do they get the challenge. This has caused some upset for some of our students already.

Please be vigilant and monitor your child’s social media use and reassure them that Momo is not real. The link below gives guidance regarding online safety for your information:

What parents need to know about The Momo Challenge

Please report anything that concerns you.