Jack Petchey Award Winner

jack_petcheyOlivia was March’s Jack Petchey Award recipient and she decided to use her reward money to generate more funds for the Watoto Child Care Ministry in Uganda. Olivia and her family had visited and worked at the Watoto orphanages the previous year so she felt very committed to helping them in any way she could.

Two weeks before the summer holidays Olivia and her group of friends sold ice lollies every break and lunchtime. The lollies were sourced so that they didn’t contain preservatives, additives or colourings. The regular event proved to be extremely popular, especially as the weather was so hot!

Thanks to all the helpers who worked really hard and gave up their free time to help such a worthy cause. Thanks also go to the kitchen staff who made room for us to store the lollies, site staff for sourcing a portable freezer and, of course, all the staff and students who gave so generously. The final amount raised was a staggering £431.90 which was gratefully received by the Watoto Ministry.

Mrs Aves, Library Manager.