Important Dates and Term Arrangements

Exam Results Dates

GCSE Results – 25th August from 10am


School Uniform

As you are aware the uniform is changing for Year 7 only from September 2016. Years 8-11 can wear their current uniform or mix and match old with new i.e. blazers, ties, skirts. All blazers must still have the school badge, new blazers have the new school badge pre-embroidered. Please do not forget that we will be strictly enforcing our current school shoe rule: Plain black, polishable shoes only – no boots, trainers, training shoes such as converse or Prada etc. Kickers are acceptable but the stitching must be black.

The new school uniform will be on sale at the school on the following dates:

Friday 05-Aug 10am to 3pm
Wednesday 17-Aug 10am to 3pm
Wednesday 31-Aug 10am to 3pm

For more information about the school uniform, please click here.


Start of Autumn Term – Monday 5th September 2016

First day arrangments are as follows:

Year 7
Students arrive at 8.45am and enter school via the Studio where they will be seated.
Assembly is at 9.00am and an extended tutor period will take place during lesson 1 and 2 where students will receive their homework diaries and key information.
Timetabled lessons start at lesson 3.

Year 12
Students arrive at 8.45am to the school hall.
Assembly is a 9.00am and will be followed by an Induction Day to help orientate students as they embark on this next stage of their education at Tabor.
The Year 12 timetable will commence on Tuesday 6th September 2016.